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Why Our Buyer's Representation Is Important To You

When Building Or Buying A New Home
It's Free. The Builder Pays Our Fee. You Pay Nothing
Builders Have Representation, So Should You:
Our Extensive Knowledge Of The Builders And The Communities:
Price Control:
We Leverage Your Buying Power:
Making Sure You Receive All Incentives And Financing Options:
Choosing Different Upgrades And Options:
After The Contract Is Signed And Construction Begins:
When Problems Happen:
Preparing You To Shop:
If You Visit A Model Home Without Us:
Print our Express Model Visit Sheet:

It's FREE. The Builder Pays Our Fee. You Pay Nothing.

Builders Have Representation, So Should You: Our professional new home buyers' representation is absolutely free. The information our clients share with us is confidential and as licensed agents, it is our responsibility to look out for our client's best interests. For most consumers, buying a new home is the largest purchase they have ever made. It makes sense to have an expert in your corner, guiding you through the process. Without representation consumers may not know about better alternatives and end up paying more and getting less.

Our Extensive Knowledge Of The Builders And The Communities: It is very important to have all the information before making a decision. Today's new homes market is constantly changing. New homes are our specialty and we excel at leading the industry in information for our clients. We are in continuous contact with area builders to provide our clients with the expert information they need to make the important decisions about their new home.
We keep track of more than 60 builders in the Columbus area and more than 300 new home communities with dozens more in the planning stages. We continuously update the information for the communities listed on ColumbusOhioBuilders.com and keep additional detailed information on builders and their upcoming communities. Part of our new home buyer's representation process is to make sure you are not overlooking any other communities or builders that may be just what you are looking for.
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Price Control: We focus on this area and spend a lot of time with our clients up front before builder contracts are signed. This enables us to empower our clients with the information they need to make important pricing decisions before committing to a builder or new build contract. It also leverages our client's position when we negotiate pricing with potential builders.
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We Leverage Your Buying Power: We keep track of our current and past negotiations and sales discount results with builders to get you more for your money. This could come in the form of value added for our clients by negotiating: additional free upgrades, discounts on grouping upgrades, reduced purchase price, increasing promotional incentives, builders to pay for closing costs and reduced interested rates, premium lot discounts, additional features, structure changes, optional & custom additions, trading promotional incentives for other items, the list goes on...
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Making Sure You Receive All Incentives And Financing Options: For example: Some builders give up to 4% off the purchase price if you do not use their financing. This means receiving $10,000 dollars of additional equity on a $250,000 home. Another example: Would you want to know if the inventory home you want to buy had a $25,000 promotional discount 2 months ago and is now full price?
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Choosing Different Upgrades and Options: Options and upgrades are important for increased value potential and resale potential. There are some things that should not be overlooked and some things that builders can provide, but may not even list as an option. We have seen hundreds of new homes and will make suggestions not only on options and upgrades, but also design changes, structure and materials. We work closely with clients to understand their needs, wants and budget and ask many "What if" questions to find solutions for their needs.
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After The Contract Is Signed And Construction Begins: We walk your home often during construction. The average new home has more than 22,000 parts and each home is different. We see many homes in all stages of construction and can help catch potential issues before they become large problems. We are looking at everything from cosmetic and structural upgrades and changes, to materials and craftsmanship to double check they match your contract and your expectations. And we are always here to answer questions. Other important topics we cover with our clients are home inspections and choosing a licensed home inspector to go through at key stages of construction.
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When Problems Happen: No better time to have a professional specialist at your side to find solutions and to put pressure on the builder to correct any unresolved issues. Builders work with us to resolve problems, not only for their reputation, but also because they know that we share our clients' experiences both good and bad with our other clients. This makes us very strong at solving problems for you throughout the building process and after closing. Problems or issues that need addressed are a natural part of the building process. It is how they are taken care of that is remembered. Let us handle the issues so you can relax.
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Preparing You To Shop: What you need to know about contacting or visiting a builder's model home and signing a guest book or guest contact card: When a builder's sales person asks you for your contact information or you sign in on a guest card, you are registering with that builder. Be sure to always sign in that you have a Realtor and let the sales person know you are working with the Pedela New Homes Division. Without this we may not be able to represent you with that builder. Please contact us before contacting any builders or visiting model homes. A very important part of preparing our clients to shop is our pre-shopping preparation meeting. Our preparation meeting is where we work with you to develop a portfolio of your new home and focus our attention on builders, homes and communities that excel in the home building qualities that are most important to you.
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If You Visit A Model Home Without Us: Although we would prefer to schedule model home visits and accompany you when you are shopping, we know that sometimes clients like to drop by a model home they pass or causally look around before getting serious about shopping for a new build home. No more need to sign in again and again. When shopping without us, just hand our Express Visit sheet to the sales representative of each model home you visit. And if you would rather not receive calls from the sales representatives, just circle "Please contact my Realtor" on the sheet. If you are dropping by a model home, please give us a quick call to let us know and we will contact the builder's sales agent.
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Click here to print our Express Model Visit sheet

Important Note: If you have already contacted a builder or their sales representative, contact us to see if we can represent you. Whether you are causally looking or getting serious about shopping for a new build home, call us or send us an email before contacting any builders. Our focus is to service our clients with the level of attention they need.
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Columbus Ohio Builders New Homes is brought to you by the New Homes Real Estate Team. A highly specialized professional team of new home Realtors focused on representing new home buyers. The New Homes Team is an independent real estate team affiliated with Red1 Realty, located in Columbus, Ohio. Work with a Columbus Ohio New Home Expert - Contact us today!

The Columbus area new home market is constantly changing. The information in this website is gathered from several sources and is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Contact us for professional representation.

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